• Mario Dealba

The Good ol days... are back

I remember the days when I used to go to CBS skateboards with my cousins and buy the $25 blank decks from them. I remember buying my first set of Venture trucks, and my first wheels. Man I loved my setup in high school. I also remember CBS skateboards shutting down. That was a sad day. What was even more sad, is that I didn’t have access to good inexpensive decks anymore. Well... we are changing that for everyone. Our decks are inexpensive, top of the line, high quality north American 7 ply Maple, pressed and glued in Mexico and California. Our graphics are made by local artists, and our completes are put together by yours truly. Soon will be selling AWESOME completes, decks and parts online. Stay tuned.

We want everyone to get out and ride, don’t be a couch potato, get out and tear it out at your local skate park or at your sidewalk, who cares. Just get out and skate, like our friend Carson who stopped by today and we built this sick setup for him. I love the grip tape boldness.

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